Oct 052012


Hello Everyone,


With the “Holidays” coming upon us so quickly, and the weather becoming more bearable…

The decision was made that the September Meeting of the monthly “Meet-Ups”  will be our last this year.

We hope you all enjoyed the Hand Painting of T-Shirts, Movies /Videos, Games & Drawing.

Let’s not forget the Food & Drinks that were provided by our sponsors:

* Mercurius Creative, LLC

* G.E. Investigations, LLC

* CosplayFanGear.com

* Exigent Circumstances, LLC


It was GREAT seeing all your smiling faces every month and look forward seeing you next year.

We hope you all have a Wonderful & Happy Holiday Season!

HEY… Don’t Forget to keep Checking back for more Cosplay & Anime News & Information!

We  also have Exciting Holiday Specials on Cosplay & Fan Gear… Coming Soon!


Shhhhh.... Silence is Golden!

Steam Blaster with Silencer!
Shhhhh…. Silence is Golden!


RyoChan & Vanessa



Oct 032012
Cool cosplay hat
So I was looking for a hat for Halloween. I found this awesome cowboy/steampunk hat at cosplayfangear.com.
I think I’ll be a steampunk bounty hunter, old west meets steampunk. And this hat would be perfect. I really like the brassy look it has. With a bit of  steampunk.


Steampunk stetson style spider hat

A spider for Halloween

Steampunk stetson style spider hat

Steampunk meets the old west

Just thought  I’d share it on the Cosplay With Us Club site.  Aside from steampunk hats they also do mini top hats and a variety of custom cosplay costumes and cosplay accessories.



Source:  cosplayfangear.com