Sep 292012

We discovered this Taiwanese Gundam cosplayer thanks to Kotaku. Writer Brian Ashcraft dubbed her the “Queen of Gundam Cosplay.” This is certainly a fitting title. In the photos below you can see her cosplaying as different Gundams including Gundam RX79, MSΖ-006 and Strike Gundam.

Whether you are a fan of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise or not I’m pretty sure we can all agree that her mecha cosplay has a flavor of its own. It demonstrates strong mechanical design combined with her natural human appearance. One can also observe her attention to detail and respect for the series since she has each of the Gundam’s weapons as seen in their respective anime’s.

These pictures were found on a Japanese cosplay community site called Cure. We’re not sure of this cosplayer’s name as the character “” in Chinese (the language of Taiwan) is “Ran” but in Japanese (the native language of, the same character sounds like “Shika“…

Check out her profile on Cure Cosplay Community.