Jun 192013

Here we’re focusing on the cosplay talent that is Jessica Nigri, well she’s had so many costumes that we’re looking at only three of her video game cosplays today. As you can see she puts in a lot of hard work into each cosplay and of course stays in character in all of her photos.

First up is Jessica Nigri’s Iron armor cosplay from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Who doesn’t love Skyrim? It’s an amazing game, and even new come fans to the Elder Scrolls series could enjoy it.

Jessica Nigri Skyrim

Next is Jessica Nigri’s awesome Valentine cosplay from SkullGirls. Of course, Skullgirls is one of our favorite games so we had to feature this bad ass cosplay!


Jessica Nigri cosplay


Last but not least is Jessica Nigri in a Morrigan cosplay from Darkstalkers. Morrigan is a classic fighting game female and is one of our favorite Capcom antiheroes!





Morrigan Jessica Nigri cosplay

For more of Jessica Nigri’s cool cosplays you can check her out on FaceBook..

Official Jessica Nigri FaceBook