Jun 012013

Last Weekend, May 23-26,  was the south-west pop-culture event Phoenix Comicon 2013. We were there with our cameras ready to take on the crowds of cosplayers at the convention. Unfortunately, there were so many amazing cosplayers that we couldn’t snap shots of all of them. Here are the cool cosplay photos we took from Phoenix Comicon 2013!..


Phoenix Comicon 2013 cosplay photo gallery..


AZ TARDIS Facebook page

If your cosplay is here, and you’d like credit plus a link to your website, let us know here. Thank you!

Mar 142013

Cosplay Homestuck The Coop Cosplay Anime Expo 2012 Jade Harley Cosplay Homestuck The Coop Cosplay Anime Expo 2012

The Coop Cosplay is a group of 3 cosplayers whom originate from California. They share an undying love of cosplay and silly chicken-esque nicknames. Today, We’re featuring three badass and awesome Homestuck cosplays, all done by this trio. They unleashed this Homestuck cosplay group at Anime Expo 2012, aka AX 12′.

  • Jade Harley

Jade Harley Full Cosplay Homestuck The Coop Cosplay Anime Expo 2012


  • Bec Noir

Bec Noir Cosplay Homestuck The Coop Cosplay Anime Expo 2012


  • Bec Blanche

Bec Blanche Cosplay Homestuck The Coop Cosplay Anime Expo 2012

Homestuck is a web comic fully created (drawn, written, and animated) by Andrew Hussie.  It is the 4th webcomic published on the site MS Paint AdventuresHomestuck uses a combination of still images, animated GIFs, instant messaging logs, Flash animations, and even Flash games created in HTML5 to keep the story fresh, interesting, and going. As of February of 2013, it is nearly 6000 pages long and has an incredibly complex plot.

You can check out their Tumblr here

Mar 112013

Brazilian cosplayer Andressa, ‘Lilithy’, of LilithyCosplay.com. (the site is in Portuguese, here is an English translated linkLilithy has been cosplaying since 2004 and boy are her cosplays great! She’s cosplayed characters such as Ashlotte (Soul Calibur IV), Hades (Saint Seiya), and Gyoda (Changeman). However Lilithy  also writes tutorials for Cosplay accessories and has made a couple of ‘How I made my cosplay‘s (including her Gyoda cosplay). She also writes tutorials in a group cosplay site called Cosplayers.net We find these two sites incredibly helpful for completing our own cosplays and figured why not share them.

Here are some examples of her tutorials..

Cosplay Tutorial How to Gyoda Cosplay Paper Mache Cosplay Tutorial Custom Gems

An English translated link to her Cosplay Accessory Tutorials page.
An English translated link to her Cosplay ‘Making Of’ page.

Mar 082013

Amazing and Cool Adventure Time Cosplay Fionna Marceline Princess Bubblegum cosplay

What Time is it? It’s Cosplay Time! This hilarious and adorable trio of cosplayers are.. CourtoonXIII as Fionna the Human, Chinasaur as Marceline the Vampire Queen, and CatalystSirene as Princess Bubblegum. Each costume has an amazing amount of detail and stays true to the character. Best of all is that the Fionna, Marceline, and the Princess Bubblegum have props. Great looking props, may we add. The Bass Axe  looks as if it’s been used. The Peppermint Butler plush is just too cute and a great idea for any Princess Bubblegum cosplay. While as Fionna’s Crystal Sword also is fantastic. The skin colors are perfect also… The Princess Bubblegum cosplay isn’t super pink and the Marceline cosplay isn’t too grey. They made the colors seem realistic.

Amazing and Cool Adventure Time Cosplay Marceline Chinasaur Amazing and Cool Adventure Time Cosplay Princess BubbleGum Catalystirene Amazing and Cool Adventure Time Cosplay Fionna CourtoonXIII

Adventure Time is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network. The series  follows the adventures of Finn, a 14-year-old human boy, and his best friend Jake, a dog with magical powers to change shape, grow, and shrink at will.  Adventure Time even has it’s own comic book series.

Amazing and Cool Adventure Time Cosplay Fionna Marceline and Princess BubbleGum

Feb 202013

Rumiko Takahashi Rumic Theater One Shot Short Inuyasha Ranma 1:2 Urusei Yatsura Maison Ikkoku

2013‘s 5th issue of  Shogakukan’s Big Comic Original magazine announced on Tuesday that Rumiko Takahashi will be creating a new Rumic Theater, aka Takahashi Rumiko Gekijō, manga short for the next issue of the magazine, which is to be released March 5 2013. Watashi no Sky, or My Sky, will be about  a man who is entering the mandatory retirement age, after leaving his company. He looks forward to living the good life of retirement; until a strange old man suddenly settles into his home, that is! This story is to celebrate 40th anniversary of Rumiko Takahashi’s career, and to think she is one of the most famous mangaka, from her sucessful international manga series.. Starting with some classics like Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, and of course Ranma 1/2, and one everyone knows Inuyasha. Her career started back in 1978 with the one-shot manga short Katte na Yatsura. And let’s not forget RIN-NE, yet another popular series of Rumiko Takahashi. Keep creating amazing works Miss Takahashi!