Apr 162013

Sexy OS-tan cosplay Windows 2000 by Ayaka

This is such a cute Windows based cosplay. We don’t know much about the cosplayer Ayaka, and we only found these images on Google. However that doesn’t mean that this super cute technology based costume doesn’t need to be featured. With the Windows 2000 logo colors crossed into this cosplay and the adorable headdress featuring the logo, too. Of course the heels are adorable and so are the glasses. Overall we think this is a super cute OS-tan Windows 2000 cosplay!

Adorable OS-tan cosplay Windows 2000 by Ayaka



The OS-tan is an Internet meme that originated within the Japanese Futaba Channel, an internet forum. The OS-tan are the moe  and adorable personifications of several operating systems by various amateur artists. The OS-tan are typically depicted as cute women, with the OS-tan representative of Microsoft Windows operating systems usually are depicted as sisters of varying ages.

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