Mar 112013

Brazilian cosplayer Andressa, ‘Lilithy’, of (the site is in Portuguese, here is an English translated linkLilithy has been cosplaying since 2004 and boy are her cosplays great! She’s cosplayed characters such as Ashlotte (Soul Calibur IV), Hades (Saint Seiya), and Gyoda (Changeman). However Lilithy  also writes tutorials for Cosplay accessories and has made a couple of ‘How I made my cosplay‘s (including her Gyoda cosplay). She also writes tutorials in a group cosplay site called We find these two sites incredibly helpful for completing our own cosplays and figured why not share them.

Here are some examples of her tutorials..

Cosplay Tutorial How to Gyoda Cosplay Paper Mache Cosplay Tutorial Custom Gems

An English translated link to her Cosplay Accessory Tutorials page.
An English translated link to her Cosplay ‘Making Of’ page.

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