Feb 182013

Am I right? But seriously, both of these Dragon Ball Z cosplays are quite good. Although they don’t appear to be cosplaying specific characters, the DBZ Saiyan vibe is strong with these two. One of the things I thought was particularly good is the armor on both people. The male’s chest piece is very detailed looking and has a tough, armor like look. The female’s armor is more traditional in appearance to the show. The boots are simple and functional, as is the arm wear. To top it all off, they’re both wearing fashionable scouters.

Dragon Ball Z DBZ Female Saiyan Cosplay

Dragon Ball Z was originally created by Akira Toriyama in the mid 90s as a direct continuation of his Dragon Ball manga series. It eventually got adapted into an anime series and some years later was translated and dubbed for US audiences. It’s considered one of the first really popular anime to make it big in the United States along with Sailor Moon.

We don’t know who the cosplayers are, but we found the pic on Tumblr.

Dragon Ball Z Official Site

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