Feb 202013

We’re really big fans of Studio GhibliHayao Miyazaki. One of my favorite works by them is Princess Mononoke. There are many great cosplays of San (the girl raised by wolves in the film) and that’s fine and dandy. But not many people attempt to cosplay the awesome Shishigami (Forest Spirit) and even few pull it off. Cosplayer marue has taken a very challenging costume and created something of her own. The presentation and attention to detail is what makes this costume successful. I especially like the headpiece which is covered in fur. The antlers are just long enough; accented with butterflies and plant life. The face mask also looks great, covering the human features with the animal nose and mouth. Finally, the whole costume comes together thanks to consistent fur and details through out the costume, coupled with excellent color coordination.

Incredible Princess Mononoke Shishigami Forest Spirit Cosplay 2


A bit about Princess Mononoke
Miyazaki combines the stark realism and action-packed pace of Japanese samurai epics; a cast of equally strong male and female characters fighting for what they believe; and a mystical journey through animist mythology into something rarely experienced in filmmaking: a wholly original world of complex, adult drama forged through animation. Miyazaki put his targeted audience for PRINCESS MONONOKE at “anyone older than 5th grade.” Still, he painted his world with a truthful brush, revealing with frank details the brutality of war and intense hatred between peoples.

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